Dr. Khaled Adham      
Dr. Khaled Adham is an assistant professor of architecture at the Suez Canal University, Egypt. He was born in Cairo in 1964. After receiving a bachelor degree from Cairo University in 1986, he worked for architects Rami El-Dahan & Sohair Farid (two notable students of Hassan Fathy) and Abdel Halim Ibrahim Ibrahim, the 1992 recipient of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. In 1992, he received his masters degree in architecture from Kent State University and in 1997 a PhD in architecture from Texas A&M University . In 1999 he made a Postdoctoral fellowship in the Center for Modern Oriental Studies in Berlin . Between 2000 and 2004, He taught architectural theory courses, design studios, and supervised graduation projects at the Suez Canal University and Ramadan Institute of Technology. During the same time, he also practiced architecture and Urban Planning in his private studio with Dr. Ashraf El-Mokadem. He is currently in a secondment position at the United Arab Emirates University. His current research focuses on the late twentieth century architectural and urban transformations of Cairo , Doha , and Dubai .